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Nara, Japan Retreat

Awaken Your Resilient Goddess Retreat


5 - 8 March 2024

The IYogaa Womens’ Wellbeing Yoga Retreat in Catalonia, Spain combines Yoga, Martial Arts & Nutraceuticals to optimise your wellbeing – mind & body. In this powerful retreat, you will discover your best self. You will discover how to achieve & maintain your wellbeing & fitness goals.
Our accommodation is a beautiful Catalonian Castle. Magestic, our Castle is situated atop a luscious green hill in Catalonia. You will embody the power & grace of this amazing space. There will be daily wellbeing workshops and various life-enhancing practices.
All food on the retreat is local, organic & nutritious. You will also learn how to use supplements, plant remedies & self therapies to delay the signs of ageing & overcome the negative effects of the menopause. All activities, classes, food  & workshops on this retreat are designed to optimise your wellbeing – physically & mentally.

Awaken Your Resilient Goddess beauty


Included in your Women’s Wellbeing Yoga Retreat:

Accommodation in a Catalonian Castle
Personalised Meals Daily + Drinks & Snacks
Daily Interoceptive Yoga & Body Tone/Scupt Classes. Nature Walks, Meal Preparation  Classes
Optional Women’s Wellbeing Workshops are incl: Menopause, Ageing Gracefully, Skin Health through the Ages, Stress Management
Marmapuncture to help boost metabolism & rebalance your body. 
Each Participant will create their own Personalised Wellbeing Plan during the retreat.
Transfers from Barcelona Airport
You would need to be at Barcelona Airport by 13h00 on 26 May 2024
You will return to Barcelona Airport on 31 May 2024 at 2pm. Please book flights or transfers appropriatly.
*Not Included:




Retreat Time Schedule

1日目 DAY1

Open the door to your resilient beauty.



  • 集合/イントロダクションワーク:3pm

  • リトリートリーダーの自己紹介

  • レジリアンスビューティの意味の説明

  • • 受け身じゃなく主体的に自分自身がどの様に取り組むか⇒インテンション

  • ノートワーク(Kae) マニフェステーション

  • 意図のワークの後に繋がりのワーク (Kiki)




  • 瞑想ヨガワーク (NItasha)

  • 夜のワーク⇒マスクはがし(Kiki)

  • サウンドバス瞑想(Kae, NItasha)


  • 3:00 PM Assembly: Introduction work

  • Retreat leader's self-introduction

  • Explanation of the meaning of Resilient Beauty

  • Being proactive in approaching oneself ⇒ Intention

  • Note work (Kae) Manifestation

  • Connection work after intention work (KiKI) (Soul Blessing Time)

After dinner:

  • Meditation yoga work (NItasha)

  • Evening work: Mask removal (Kiki) Sound bath meditation (Kae, NItasha)

Theme: Setting intentions for the retreat, preparing to go inward

2日目 DAY2

Mind and Body Connection for goddess beauty

外と内側の繋がり- マインドボディコネクションを通して磨くゴッデスビューティ


  • 朝のワーク(ブレスワーク、ピラティス)30分(KAE)

  • 朝食

  • ソウルブレッシングメイク(2時間)10時〜12時 (KIKI)

  • 本当の美しさを体感する

  • 昼食

  • メディテーションハイク 

  • 夕食

  • 夜のワーク ヨガニドラ (ニターシャ)


  • Morning work (Breathwork, Pilates) 30 minutes (KAE)

  • Breakfast

  • Soul Blessing Makeup (2 hours) 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM (KIKI)

  • Experience true beauty

  • Lunch:

  • Meditation Hike

  • Dinner:

  • Evening work: Yoga Nidra (NItasha) Theme: Connecting with Your Inner Self Through the Body

3日目 DAY3

Unleash the goddess power within you


テーマ​:意識ワーク (自分の深いところに入っていく)

  • 朝のワーク (骨盤底筋群、骨盤を緩める) ピラティス (KAE)

  • 朝食

  • 女性性の開放と目覚めリチュアル 

  • 昼食

  • レジリエンスビューティワーク 

  • 夕食

  • 女性性の繋がりワーク

  • Theme: Consciousness work (Entering your inner self)

  • Morning work (Pelvic floor muscles, loosening the pelvis) Pilates (KAE)

  • Breakfast:

  • Opening of feminine energy and awakening ritual

  • Lunch:

  • Resilient Beauty Work

  • Dinner:

  • Connection work of feminine energy

4日目 DAY4

Celebration of your new journey


  • 朝のワーク:感謝ワーク

  • アファメーションタイム

  • クロージングセレモニー

  • 解散

  • Morning work: Gratitude work

  • Affirmation time

  • Closing ceremony

  • Disbandment

Retreat Leaders

奥野聖子 Kiki

一般社団法人ブレッシングメイク協会 Soulブレッシングメイクヒーリング・スピリチュアルメイクヒーリング創始者







大阪府出身  神奈川鎌倉市在住

The heart trembles, tears flow in an industry-first, uniquely astonishing makeup work that encompasses emotional liberation.

As the founder and representative of "Spiritual Make®️" and "Soul7 Blessing Make®️," she dramatically transforms the lives of many women through the frequencies of truth and love. This makeup work goes beyond mere aesthetics, incorporating spiritual and soulful elements.

Prompted by a divorce in 2009, bringing with her three sons, her journey of profound self-healing and learning began.

Currently, she serves as a spiritual counselor, accessing the fundamental causes of shamanic concerns spanning multiple dimensions, including past lives, pre-language acquisition periods, and beyond, guiding the repair, liberation, and return to compassion of soul wounds.

Her intuitive readings are renowned for instantly transforming reality. As a professional and love specialist who opens hearts, she has undergone Tantra training in Italy, delivered lectures in Prague, and conducted numerous retreats overseas (Hawaii, Byron Bay, Malta, among others). Having supported over 13,000 women, she facilitates the awakening of femininity and soul.

Originally from Osaka, she currently resides in Kamakura City, Kanagawa.


エチゴイン香絵 Kae

DK Body International Inc代表

アメリカラスベガスにあるDK Body International IncのCEOとして、日本からの研修/視察/プロジェクトなどをそれぞれのケースに合わせて独自のリソースでコーディネートする。​

ネバダ州立大学公認ピラティスの全米・世界における指導者を育てる本部アカデミー・提携スタジオを運営。また一流ホテルのスパの、マネジメントやセラピスト経験を含め、20年以上のウェルネス事業経験を活かし、2021年にはAINALANI WELLBEING(アイナラニウェルビーイング)を立ち上げ身体だけではなくマインドウェルネス


Wellness For Life「人々の心身の健康に貢献する」が信念

​東京都出身 アメリカネバダ州ラスベガス在住

As the CEO of DK Body International Inc in Las Vegas, USA, I coordinate training, inspections, and projects from Japan using unique resources tailored to each specific case.

We operate the headquarters academy and affiliated studios for nationally and globally recognized instructors in Nevada State University-endorsed Pilates. Drawing on over 20 years of experience in the wellness industry, including management and therapist roles in top-tier hotel spas, I launched AINALANI WELLBEING in 2021. This venture not only focuses on the physical aspect but also delves into mindfulness programs.

With the belief in "Wellness For Life" contributing to the holistic well-being of individuals, I leverage my extensive experience to make a positive impact on both the body and the mind.

Originally from Tokyo, currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.


​ニターシャ  Nitasha

医師であり、ヨガマスターであり、南インド出身のスピリチュアルマスターを祖母に持ち、500年続く祖母のアーユルヴェーダのレシピを基本に、オーガニック化粧品を開発し、主にヨーロッパ、ラテンアメリカでシェア。 インド、ペルー、ヨーロッパなど世界中で様々なリトリートを開催。長年の自己探究から、女性の真の自立、内外の本質的な美を取り戻す為の叡智を届ける。

Nitasha is a physician, yoga master, and inherits a spiritual lineage from her grandmother who hails from South India. Inspired by her grandmother's 500-year-old Ayurvedic recipes, Nitasha has developed organic cosmetics, primarily shared in Europe and Latin America.

She organizes various retreats worldwide, including in India, Peru, and Europe. With insights gained from years of self-exploration, Nitasha's mission is to share wisdom for women's true empowerment and the rediscovery of essential beauty both inside and out.

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Awaken Your Resilient Goddess Retreat

5-8 March 2024 Retreat in Nara, Japan 

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